The importance of Microchipping

Microchipping is an essential tool when it comes to the safety of our furry animals. With dogs, it is a legal requirement to be microchipped when registering with the Council. It is currently voluntary for cats. But! As cats are prolific wanderers, it is best to microchip. Once chipped, it is easy to identify the owner, especially if your cat or dog is taken to an after-hours clinic in critical condition. Registering is easy and takes 5 minutes to complete. Registration can be done online via or your local clinic.

A client is very thankful that she decided to microchip her cat. We had a cat brought in that had been found roaming. We scanned for a chip and fortunately she was chipped and registered to Animal Register. This cat had already been logged as missing by the owner on Animal Register back in 2018. She was then reunited with her owner, so good news all round!